Love is in the air! Nothing like celebrating the International Kissing Day (in some places are on 6 June, others on 13 April) with a list of songs about kissing.

Many were the artists who wrote about this subject. I mean… who doesn’t like kisses?! We can be talking about a friend cheek-kiss, a greeting kiss or, of course, a love kiss to your everything. Whatever how and who you want to blow a kiss, it is always a nice gesture of love, kindness, respect and friendship.

Let’s take a look on the list I prepared to you:


Pure and simple truth: this song is, sadly, about a break up. I know, I know…, it sounds like a typical happy teenager party song, which the last thing that can came up to your mind it’s that it’s about a non-happy subject, indeed!

“A KISS TO BUILD A DREAM ON”, by Louis Armstrong

Everyone loves a classic. Louis Armstrong is a master on this kind of music! Once again, love is in the air…

“KISS ME”, by Sixpence None the Richer

Perfect song who describes the feeling of all those shy guys and gals out there to step out of their comfort boxes and finally go for it. And oh, this is obviously a 90’s song! *sighs*

 “THIS KISS”, by Faith Hill

Stop everything, I LOVE this song! Again: a 90’s treasure. Ideal for a crazy karaoke party with friends. No, it’s not about breakups, it’s just a cute country love song about a dream-love story and… THAT kiss.

“KISS YOU”, by One Direction

I know, I’m reaaaally sorry, but you know… I had to! Happy party song about, well…, flirting! «(…) And let me kiss you.» 😉

“STEAL MY KISSES”, by Ben Harper

This tune has such a swing and it’s so “cool”! Ben talks about how hard sometimes it’s to steal a kiss from a girl. Sorry dude, you’ve got to improve your gentleman skills!

“KISS THE GIRL”, from The Little Mermaid

Blah, blah, blah, say whatever you want, but this song is epic (it was nominated for an Oscar, did you know?)! I’m 18 and I’m still in love with that crab singing… How lovely?!
Stupid morays who didn’t let the poor boy kiss Ariel… *grumbling*


Lovers, this one is for you my dears. I can safety tell you I probably know this song since I was on my mum’s belly. For sure!!
Seal, always so romantic.

“KISS ME”, by Ed Sheeran

If you never heard this song, you’re truly losing a masterpiece of one of the best composers and singers of our generation. So deep, so powerful, so… good. One of my favorite songs by Ed!

“KISS”, by Prince

THE KING HAS COME! This is by far one of my favorite song of ALL time. Super catchy and sexy. It’s impossible not to dance like a freak to this beat. Prince, thanks for this golden tune!!!!

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Don’t forget to blow a kiss to someone. CHALLENGE: blow a kiss to a stranger on the street. 

All the love,


Raquel Banha

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